ISSTA 2008 Poster Schedule

Weds, July 23rd, 1:30-2:30pm and 3:30-4:00pm.


  • Verifying Correct Usage of Atomic Blocks Using Access Permissions
    Nels Beckman, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MINTS: A General Framework and Tool for Supporting Test-suite Minimization
    Hwa-You Hsu, Georgia Tech
  • Black-box DBMS Testing Using Alloy
    Shadi Abdul Khalek, University of Texas, Austin
  • The In Vivo Approach to Testing Software Applications
    Chris Murphy, Columbia University
  • Guided Test for Detecting Concurrency Errors
    Neha Rungta, Brigham Young University
  • Context-Driven Testing and Model-Checking for Embedded Context-Aware and Adaptive Systems
    Michele Sama, University College London
  • NEGWeb: Detecting Neglected Conditions via Mining Programming Rules from Open Source Code
    Suresh Thummalapenta., North Carolina University
  • Modeling and Analysis of Procedural Security
    Komminist Weldemariam
  • Controlled Redundancy : Avoiding Test Suite Wear-Out
    Shin Yoo, King's College London
  • Automating Software Compatibility Testing
    Il-Chul Yoon, University of Maryland
  • AutoFlow: An Automatic Analysis Tool for Locating Failure-Inducing Changes
    Sai Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Note: This poster was accepted under the original title "AutoFlow: An Automatic Debugging Framework for AspectJ Programs".