SEEC Synergistic Environments for Experimental Computing


SEEC seeks to democratize parallel & distributed computing to massively accelerate discovery and innovation via:

Computing Environments

Computing environments that span the embedded, mobile, desktop, and datacenter spaces and their interaction with the physical environment in order to transform the way that computing systems and environments are designed and the way that people interact with them.


Build on creating fundamental building blocks of synergistic computer science that empower the end user to create “turbo-charged” applications that accelerate the discovery and innovation process.


Train the next generation of scientists and engineers by providing cross-cutting educational and research experiences.


Provide leadership in defining and shaping best practices in the synergistic co-design of hardware, software, and algorithms for experimental computing.

Affiliated Sites: Virginia Tech · Synergy Lab. · CU2CL · Green500 · HokieSpeed · mpiBLAST · MyVICE · SSS

Last updated: August, 2016