SEEC Synergistic Environments for Experimental Computing

About SEEC

SEEC, established in July 2014, constitutes a unique center that is interdisciplinary and integrative in both the range of core disciplines that it integrates – 20 departments across seven (7) colleges – and the range of applications it seeks to benefit.

SEEC adopts a synergistic co-design approach across hardware, software, and algorithms that exposes latent performance and more substantively accelerate discovery and innovation.

The figure below demonstrates what the SEEC center has been able to achieve with synergistic co-design in the narrow area of n-body molecular modeling.

Vision of the Center

Democratize parallel and distributed computing via the synergistic co-design of hardware, software, and algorithms to massively accelerate discovery and innovation.

News & Highlights

Affiliated Sites: Virginia Tech · Synergy Lab. · CU2CL · Green500 · HokieSpeed · mpiBLAST · MyVICE · SSS

Last updated: August, 2016