Virginia Tech Algorithm Visualization Research Group Website

This website contains a number of algorithm visualizations developed at Virginia Tech, and other software that we are hosting or mirroring here for our convenience.

Our flagship effort is the AlgoViz Portal. is a gathering place for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and animations (AVs). It is a gateway to AV-related services, collections, and resources. It includes a comprehensive collection of links to algorithm visualizations for common data structures and algorithms, the relevent research literature, and practical information on developing algorithm visualizations.

We also maintain the OpenAlgoViz SourceForge site. This site supports developers of algorithm visualizations by providing open source exemplars of algorithm visualization techniques, and stable hosting for developers.

Here is information about ongoing research activities within the CS Department at Virginia Tech related to Digital Education.

We have developed numerous posters and presenations related to our work. Papers that we have published are included here.

OpenDSA Project

Algorithm visualizations created at Virginia Tech:

All of our software is distributed under the Gnu General Public License.

In the mid 1990's, we developed Swan, a system for building visualizations of data structures by annotating C++ programs with calls to a visualization library. While Swan is no longer under active development or support, a number of interesting visualizations were developed. These run as MS Windows applications. Note that along with each demo executable is a brief document that desribes its use, and some demos come with sample data files. The demos available include: BST, Heapsort, Huffman coding trees, the Knuth-Morris-Pratt string match algorithm, Network flow, Red-Black trees, topological sort, Vertex Covers, and a lower bounds proof for the cost of finding the minimum and maximum of a collection of elements.

If you want to get involved, check out these projects that need doing.

Pointers to obsolete AlgoViz Wiki tools for posterity.