Save the Space Elevator

Save the Space Elevator: An Escape Room Scenario Involving Passive Haptics in Mixed Reality

Krinkle Cube

Krinkle Cube is game that leverages natural locomotion and hand gestures to provide a more immersive gameplay. You play as a mage that defends a castle against funny and hungry creatures called Krinkles. This game is an adaptation of Ilusis Krinkle Krusher to virtual reality. It is being used to explore locomotion and new  interaction techniques.


MyoText - Typing with the Myo Armband

In this work, we explored some of the possibilities offered by the Thalmics’s Myo armband for menu selection and symbolic input. To test the design we have implemented a simple game where the user need correctly type words to win.

VIGOR: Visceral Intense Gaming of Opposing Realms

VIGOR is a full body collaborative game where your success depends on your vigor as well as your opponent’s body size and position within his realm! The fastest, most flexible and vigorous player will win the game.


Llamas vs Kiwis

Llamas vs Kiwis is an augmented reality mobile game, that allows interaction between virtual with real world objects like never before.  Using the Kinect, iPad, and slingshot case this game is reminiscent of Angry Birds.


Have you ever held water in your hands? Our project will let you manipulate water by doing martial arts-like movements, like the characters in the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can gather, freeze, compress, and throw water.

Extreme Jump Trainer

In this project we are investigating a new concept in sports training where biomechanical training is infused into an interactive game.

Body gesture gaming with collaborative navigation

In this project we built an interface that allows two remotely located individuals to collaborate, in order to play and complete a treasure hunt game. We used a player's body gestures to guide the second player in a 3D Virtual Environment.


C-OLiVE: Impact of group interaction on learning in VEs

C-OLiVE stands for Collaborative Orchestrated Learning in Virtual Environments, and is a testbed for assessing the impact of large group collaboration on learning.

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