3D Interaction Techniques

Save the Space Elevator

Save the Space Elevator: An Escape Room Scenario Involving Passive Haptics in Mixed Reality

Force Push: Exploring Expressive Gesture-to-Force Mapping

Most 3D manipulation techniques directly map user’s hand position to the position of a virtual object, but this “natural” metaphor is not without its limitations.

Organic 3D Modeling

We explore “posable” input, flexible input that holds its own shape after the user molds it, by embedding aluminum foil. We hope that moldling with posable input can be effective for shaping organic shapes like mountains and arbor.


The 3DI Group is designing an operator interface for the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Llamas vs Kiwis

Llamas vs Kiwis is an augmented reality mobile game, that allows interaction between virtual with real world objects like never before.  Using the Kinect, iPad, and slingshot case this game is reminiscent of Angry Birds.


Have you ever held water in your hands? Our project will let you manipulate water by doing martial arts-like movements, like the characters in the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can gather, freeze, compress, and throw water.

Extreme Jump Trainer

In this project we are investigating a new concept in sports training where biomechanical training is infused into an interactive game.


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