This project introduces a new approach to increase precision of selection tasks. This approach is based on the use of progressive refinement of the set of selectable objects to reduce the required precision of the task.

The goal of this project is to determine whether a VR application can trigger anxiety in certain individuals. Additional goals include: (1) determining how VR-specific conditions (field of regard and simulation fidelity) compare to known anxiety triggers (i.e. lack of control, uncertainty, and


A suite of novel 3D interaction techniques for analyzing and interacting with 3D volumetric data, and for interaction coarse segmentation of raw volumes.

Should we use more immersive environments for analyzing 3D volumetric data? How could we generalize the effects of immersion for different task types across various scientific domains?

We explore “posable” input, flexible input that holds its own shape after the user molds it, by embedding aluminum foil. We hope that moldling with posable input can be effective for shaping organic shapes like mountains and arbor.

The 3DI Group is designing an operator interface for the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

We are exploring how fabric, a commonplace medium, can be used as a 3D input device to design surfaces, more specifically costume and garment design.

Have you ever held water in your hands? Our project will let you manipulate water by doing martial arts-like movements, like the characters in the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can gather, freeze, compress, and throw water.

Llamas vs Kiwis is an augmented reality mobile game, that allows interaction between virtual with real world objects like never before.  Using the Kinect, iPad, and slingshot case this game is reminiscent of Angry Birds.