High-fidelity systems and novel 3D interaction techniques for analyzing volume datasets 

Krinkle Cube is game that leverages natural locomotion and hand gestures to provide a more immersive gameplay. You play as a mage that defends a castle against funny and hungry creatures called Krinkles. This game is an adaptation of Ilusis Krinkle Krusher to virtual reality. It is being used to


We present a novel virtual musical instrument interface based on in-air 3D gestures called the Interval Player. Instead of specifying absolute notes, the user specifies the melodic interval between the most recent note and the next one. 


In this work, we explored some of the possibilities offered by the Thalmics’s Myo armband for menu selection and symbolic input. To test the design we have implemented a simple game where the user need correctly type words to win.


C-OLiVE stands for Collaborative Orchestrated Learning in Virtual Environments, and is a testbed for assessing the impact of large group collaboration on learning.