Monday, March 9

The 3DI Group is proud to announce that we will have seven publications in IEEE VR 2020's proceedings!


Run Yu and ...

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Monday, October 21

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate 3DI Group Alumnus Wallace Lages for his Best Demo award at SUI 2019!  He earned this award for his dissertation work on...

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Thursday, October 17

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate its Ph.D. candidate Lee Lisle on winning a scholarship award from the I/ITSEC conference!

The award...

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Thursday, October 10

Doug Bowman will be traveling to Fort Collins, Colorado to give a series of talks on the future of augmented reality at Colorado State University. His main presentation will be on...

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Thursday, October 10

The Center for Human Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech will be hosting talks on Friday from 3DI Group members Yuan Li and...

Tags: Group Talk, SUI, Gaze Direction Visualization Techniques, Situated Modeling, Model-Free Point Marking
Thursday, October 3

Next Friday (October 11), Doug Bowman will give the graduate seminar talk at Virginia Tech.  This talk will be on Augmented Reality...

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Monday, September 30

This weekend, the 3DI group went on a lab hike on the Cascades trail. It was a bunch of fun to see everyone (and Strider, the husky) climb up the mountain and test the [literal] waters of the mountain. It also helped several lab members think...

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Wednesday, September 11

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate Leonardo Soares for publishing his work on Situated Modeling of Large Structures and...

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Wednesday, September 11
Examples of Gaze Direction Visualizations

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate Yuan Li and Feiyu Lu for publishing their work on...

Tags: Publication, Gaze Direction Visualization Techniques, SUI
Thursday, September 5
An example of using ImageRefinement with zooming capabilities.

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate its alumni Wallace Lages and current group members Yuan Li and...

Tags: Publication, Model-Free Point Marking, ISMAR
Thursday, August 29

The 3DI Group happily congratulates newly minted Dr. Run Yu for completing his dissertation defense on July 17th, 2019. His work, entitled "Designing...

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Monday, April 10

The 2nd edition of the book “3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice,” is now available! The first edition, which came out more than 11 years ago, has long been a reference guide and resource for students, researchers, and...

Friday, April 7

Doug Bowman organizes the panel discussion “Sense of Place: User Experience and Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Reality,” as part of the ICAT Day on May...

Friday, March 24

Bireswar Laha, an alumnus of the 3DI Lab, won honorable mention for best VR dissertation award during the IEEE VR 2017 conference.

Wednesday, March 15

Ph.D. student Panagiotis Apostolellis successfully completed and defended his dissertation work titled “Evaluating Group Interaction and Engagement using Virtual Environments and Serious Games for Student Audiences in Informal Learning...


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