Solving Environments Research at Virginia Tech

The primary goal of our research is to design and develop computing systems and infrastructure that will help computational scientists get their work done more efficiently. The term problem-solving environment (PSE) refers to a problem-oriented computing environment that supports the entire range of scientific computational problem-solving activity: from problem formulation, to algorithm selection, to numerical simulation, to solution visualization. Furthermore, a PSE should support collaboration among people separated in space and time, using a diverse set of codes and machines.

The particular strengths we bring to this topic include: object-oriented distributed computing, collaboration, parallel computation, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. Our strategy has been to collaborate with practicing scientists and engineers at Virginia Tech, seeking to understand their unique problem-solving context, and building PSEs and PSE-building infrastructure that will assist them in their work.

Our page contains information on several current projects listed below as well as an overview of PSE. For more information about PSE research at Virginia Tech contact us at


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Last updated: 5 November, 2001