augmented reality

Context-Aware Adaptive AR Interfaces

It is widely believed that AR glasses will be the next-generation personal computing platform.

Immersive Space to Think

Complex data-sets are often hard for users to parse and extract meaning from the various data artifacts presented to them.

Situated Modeling of Large Structures in AR

In recent years, researchers have proposed many mixed reality applications aimed at solving or simplifying problems in the architecture domain.

Gaze Direction Visualization Techniques for Collaborative AR

Joint attention on an object of mutual interest is a common requirement in many collaborative tasks.


Glanceable AR: Occlusion Management

Current augmented reality (AR) systems are limited to a single visible application at any given time.

Adaptive Workspaces for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will eventually replace our mobile devices as the primary way of accessing information. However, current interfaces provide little support to walking and the variety of actions we perform in the real world.


Model-Free Marking in Augmented Reality

While geometric models are important in every Augmented Reality (AR) application, acquiring such model information is not an easy task, especially at long di

MobileAR for Scaffolding Historical Inquiry Learning

Achieving expertise in a discipline requires new students to learn how to think critically, analyze sources, and develop an evidence-based account.


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