3D Interaction Techniques

Building blocks: a novel metaphor for solving 3D puzzles

This project presents a new way to solve 3D puzzles. Rather than having to focus on specific pieces one at a time, users instead build pieces from individual building blocks, allowing them to focus on the structure of the puzzle space.

3D user interface with consumer level products

As our entry to the first 3DUI Grand prize, we developed a complete 3D user interface using only commodity hardware. The interface contains all aspects of a 3D UI, including navigation, selection and manipulation.

Progressive refinement for 3D selection

This project introduces a new approach to increase precision of selection tasks. This approach is based on the use of progressive refinement of the set of selectable objects to reduce the required precision of the task.

Novel interactions with fabric: Fabric3D

We are exploring how fabric, a commonplace medium, can be used as a 3D input device to design surfaces, more specifically costume and garment design.

Collaborative Navigation in Virtual Search and Rescue

This research explores the use of a collaborative guidance system for search-and-rescue in a complex 3D environment.


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