The 3DI Group is designing an operator interface for the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

We are exploring how fabric, a commonplace medium, can be used as a 3D input device to design surfaces, more specifically costume and garment design.

Have you ever held water in your hands? Our project will let you manipulate water by doing martial arts-like movements, like the characters in the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can gather, freeze, compress, and throw water.

Llamas vs Kiwis is an augmented reality mobile game, that allows interaction between virtual with real world objects like never before.  Using the Kinect, iPad, and slingshot case this game is reminiscent of Angry Birds.

Research of how people process information when items are presented at different locations in physical or virtual space.
we explored the use of immersive virtual environments based on real places that are too far away for physical human exploration. In this research, we are exploring methods for integrating multiple data visualizations into a single environment.
This research explores the use of a collaborative guidance system for search-and-rescue in a complex 3D environment.
Virtual simulations allow military personnel to train for real-world scenarios. In this project, we are studying how various hardware and software factors affect training transfer for visual scanning tasks. For example, with a task involving the identification of weapon carriers in an urban

In this project we are investigating a new concept in sports training where biomechanical training is infused into an interactive game.

VIGOR is a full body collaborative game where your success depends on your vigor as well as your opponent’s body size and position within his realm! The fastest, most flexible and vigorous player will win the game.


In this project we built an interface that allows two remotely located individuals to collaborate, in order to play and complete a treasure hunt game. We used a player's body gestures to guide the second player in a 3D Virtual Environment.


The design of virtual environments for applications that have several levels of scale has not been deeply addressed. This research aims at solving issues related to travel and wayfinding in such environments.