ISMAR 2019 Publication - Model-Free Point Marking

An example of using ImageRefinement with zooming capabilities.

The 3DI Group would like to congratulate its alumni Wallace Lages and current group members Yuan Li and Lee Lisle for publishing their work on Model-Free Point Marking at ISMAR 2019. Their publication is entitled "Enhanced Geometric Techniques for Point Marking in Model-Free Augmented Reality," and was overseen by Dr. Douglas Bowman and Dr. Tobias Hollerer.

Specifying points in three-dimensional (3D) space is an essential function in many augmented reality (AR) applications.  When an environment model is not available, a straightforward solution is to perform geometric triangulation using two rays. However, naive implementations suffer from low precision caused by technical limitations of AR devices and human motor constraints. To overcome these issues, they designed and evaluated two enhanced geometric techniques for 3D point marking. VectorCloud uses multiple rays to reduce the effects of pointing jitter, and ImageRefinement improves precision by allowing users to refine the 3D direction of the two rays on a static image of the target area.  They then conducted studies to understand the characteristics of these techniques in both an ecologically valid outdoor setting using a mobile AR display and in a more controlled setting using a virtual reality simulation. Their experiments demonstrate that both techniques improve the precision of 3D point marking, and that ImageRefinement is superior to VectorCloud over-all. These results are particularly relevant in the design of mobile AR systems intended for use in large outdoor areas.

Yuan Li will present this work in Beijing, China at ISMAR 2019 (October 14-18, 2019).