Supporting Social Engagement for Young Audiences with Serious Games and Virtual Environments in Museums

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


CHI Workshop: Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'16), San Jose, CA (2016)



Considering the shift of museums towards digital experiences that can satiate the interests of their young audiences, we suggest an integrated schema for socially engaging large visitor groups. As a means to present our position we propose a framework for audience involvement with complex educational material, combining serious games and virtual environments along with a theory of contextual learning in museums. We describe the research methodology for validating our framework, including the description of a testbed application and results from existing studies with children in schools, summer camps, and a museum. Such findings serve both as evidence for the applicability of our position and as a guidepost for the direction we should move to foster richer social engagement of young crowds.