VR knowledgebase now available

The 3DI Group announces the public launch of the VR knowledgebase, an online repository of empirical research results in virtual reality.

The VR knowledgebase is motivated by the difficulty of "knowing what we know" about the effectiveness of VR systems. The literature has hundreds of results from empirical studies showing how different systems or system components affect performance, presence, understanding, and many other metrics of interest. But it is very difficult to find and synthesize results since they are scattered across many publication venues and are not presented in a standard format. So the knowledgebase is designed to allow easy searching and browsing of the findings, and to present the results of experiments in a standard way. We believe it will be useful to researchers, designers/developers, and students.

The knowledgebase is launching with a limited set of information - at present there are 57 findings from 14 experiments - but we are adding more all the time. Even better, users can add their own by clicking the "add new entry" button on the site. We hope this will become a valuable crowd-sourced resource for the entire VR community.

We welcome comments on the site, and encourage the community to add papers/experiments!

The VR knowledgebase is a project of the 3DI Group in the Center for Human-Computer Interaction and the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, in collaboration with the FourEyes lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Funding was provided by the Office of Naval Research.